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Installing Windows help, or any help please.

Ok, so around August 3rd to 4th my laptop that had Windows 10 installed on it went into automatic repair and was like that until August 23.

My friend who's into computers and stuff like that was the one who helped me install Artix because I wanted my laptop working again. I don't hate Artix but I'd much rather have windows though. Sadly I'm 13 and my knowledge of how to do stuff isn't great.

My friend won't help me since she hates Windows, I don't know who to ask for help so I'm just asking people who are here. We used my dad's laptop to help me download Artix but for Windows I need to use the main account I think ( I don't really know if I need the main account just for downloading Windows I need help on that very much to actually) and he doesn't want me in his account because of his files, there are no other PC's I can use.

I have the pen drive we still used though and I'm hoping I can use it to get Windows back, please help me in any way you can, I want to be able to use my laptop comfortably again.

I'll answer any questions needed to the best of my ability.

"please help me in any way you can, I want to be able to use my laptop comfortably again."

what the fucking problem is ?> Your key is worth shit andactivation is immposible?

or you dont have acces to administrator acount on Win or what ?

i can fix u what u need live inj Poland take yor Pc with u

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